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Chloe Leigh and Tom Watts

Club singer lands film role – Sheffield Star

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Chloe Leigh a former Sheffield club singer has landed a film role in Spain.

The talented singer has landed a film role in which she will star alongside a former Eastenders star.

Chloe Leigh, from Sheffield, has been cast to play a rock chick in a spy thriller called The Cucaracha Club, which is currently being shot in Torrevieja, on the south Costa Blanca in Spain.

She is joined on set by famous actor Tom Watt, well-known for playing Lofty Holloway in TV soap EastEnders.

Chloe’s break in the film came when the lead actor Billie Gaddess saw some of singers’s performances on Facebook.

“Billie came to hear me sing and then Peter Taylor decided he was going to write a song,” said Chloe.

As well as appearing on screen, the talented performer was also picked to sing the theme tune to accompany the feature length film.

Chloe has been singing in bands and duos since she was a 14-year-old schoolgirl at Herries Comprehensive in Sheffield.

The 41-year-old performed in the city’s working men’s clubs before moving to Gran Canaria in 2004 where she began her solo career.

She is well-known for her tributes to Cher and Abba, as well as her country and western nights.

After returning to the UK for a stint, Chloe later moved to Torrevieja, where she is starring in The Cucaracha Club.

In the film, Chloe is working undercover as a club singer, who has a history with the main character, a retired spy called George, who is forced back into action when an ambassador’s children are kidnapped and held to ransom.

Former soap star Watt, plays the head of a British spy group operating out of the Costa Blanca.

The story follows George’s battles to uncover the truth in a race against time to save the innocent children.

n Visit for more details on the community funded film.

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